To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Parabere Forum (2019), which followed the launch in 2018 of the « Parabere Gourmet City App » and the « Parabere Care Award », we are celebrating women in hospitality with this collection of 100 essays.

Cooking Up a Better Food Future is a manifesto of hope for the future of food. Our network of female chefs, cooks, producers, writers, filmmakers, activists, creative disruptors and innovators have responded to the question: ‘How can women change the future of food?’, sharing their individual experiences, revelations and insights with great humour, urgency and passion.

You will find common themes weaving through these compelling and heart-warming texts: the importance of education, empowering children, protecting heritage, nourishing on both micro and macro scales, the instinctive role of the mother, the place of women at the centre of the home and community, women’s ability to collaborate and protect, the power of memory and cooking as an act of feeding are clearly women’s timeless contributions to food.