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Starts: 26 September, 2021
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S.Pellegrino announces landmark changes to the international talent scout S.Pellegrino Young Chef. As a long term partner to the world of cuisine, S.Pellegrino developed this initiative to nurture the future of gastronomy by nesting, discovering and promoting the next generation of talented young chefs. S.Pellegrino passionately believes that talent should not be confined by gender, geography or any other factors. For this reason, the fourth edition of S.Pellegrino Young Chef has been redefined with the intention of broadening the diversity of the participants.

To further support this pledge about the presence women in gastronomy, S.Pellegrino is partnering with The Parabere Forum – which aims to improve gastronomy with women’s vision. On March 4th, S.Pellegrino has present its commitment to driving diversity forwards at the annual Parabere Forum in Oslo. Through this partnership, S.Pellegrino and Parabere Forum wish to invite established chefs and key opinion leaders in gastronomy to spread the voice and encourage young women to apply to the 2020 S.Pellegrino Young Chef edition.

S.Pellegrino recognises that gastronomy can be a challenging industry for women chefs and they are often under-represented within it.” Says Stefano Marini, Sanpellegrino International Business Unit Director “Therefore, in order to give our contribution and strive for S.Pellegrino Young Chef to be as inclusive as possible, we aim at having at least three women chefs in each regional pool of candidates. As we know that talent is equally distributed, we felt the need to work on increasing the participation of young women, in order to have a fair representation of talent”

As well as opening up from a gender perspective, and to ensure that participation is not limited by geography, the regional finals of the competition will take place in 12 regions. These 12 regional finals will be open to applications from young chefs across the whole world, and will aim at representing 50 countries.

S.Pellegrino is proud to be taking an active stance on increasing diversity and looks forward to welcoming a balance of talented candidates into this year’s competition.

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