Licia GRANELLO – (Italy)

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Starts: 06 March, 2016
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Instructors: Licia GRANELLO – (Italy)
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From Turin, she has been writing for Repubblica since 1981. After twenty years as special sports correspondant, in 2001 she chose to become food editor, dealing with food and eating in the very broadest terms, from nutrition and organic farming to haute cuisine. Since 2004 she has had her own two-page Sunday column called “I Sapori” (flavours). Licia teaches Nutritional Anthropology at the Università Suor Orsola Benincasa, Naples.

In 2007 her book « Mai fragole a dicembre » (No more strawberries in December) was published. In 2012 « Il gusto delle donne » (The flavors made by women) and « Don Alfonso 1890 ». Her latest book is called « I Sapori d’Italia dalla A alla Z » (The flavors from Itali from A to Z) is a tribute to the the stunning Italian pantry and to the Italian producers.