Dr. Lynn Gilmore – (Ireland)

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Starts: 05 March, 2017
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Instructors: Dr. Lynn Gilmore – (Ireland)
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Dr Lynn Gilmore is a marine biologist working with the seafood industry in Northern Ireland.

Her role is varied working with all sectors of the industry from fishermen, processors and aquaculture producers to fishmongers, Fish and Chip shops and seafood restaurants for a sustainable, profitable and socially responsible future.

A keen cook, who likes to catch, forage and hunt for local seafood, seaweeds and game, Lynn also judges the Irish Quality Food Awards and the Seafish National Fish and Chip Awards; appears on local radio and writes regularly for the fishing and aquaculture press.

She holds a degree in Biological Sciences and a PhD in aquaculture of Palmaria palmata (an edible seaweed) from Queens University Belfast.