Britt-Marie STEGS – (Sweden)

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Starts: 02 December, 2015
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Instructors: Britt-Marie STEGS – (Sweden)
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Sixteen years ago, Britt-Marie Stegs developed a new concept for Swedish quality meat and that became the foundation for Hälsingestintan® – to offer and make available Swedish quality meat to conscious consumers around the country. Since then Britt-Marie has been working on developing the optimal production chain for quality meat. With help of a mobile slaughterhouse animals are not transported before slaughter. Instead, a mobile abattoir carries out the slaughter in the animal´s farm environment thereby avoiding stressful transportation for the animals. This improves animal welfare and creates an ethical quality meat. Hälsingestintan® investment in mobile slaughterhouses for full-grown cattle is the first in Europe.

The company is currently pioneering digital traceability across the entire chain from specific animal to consumer. This ensures fully documented information for consumers who can instantly access comprehensive data on the origin, welfare, slaughter and shipment of the product at the touch of a keypad.