PARABERE Forum is an annual event that gathers thought-leaders in the field of gastronomy, food and nutrition.

PARABERE Forum  aims to create a powerful, global network in order to strengthen the influence of women in the food sector.

PARABERE Forum formulates and promotes innovative action plans and debates to encourage women’s contribution to the food sector and to promote diversity, inclusion and gender equality in hospitality.

PARABERE Forum will bring together top opinion-shapers from corporations and civil society in a two-day meeting. Debates and speeches included opinion leaders, food activists, international scientists, farmers and top female chefs from five continents.

The Forum will focus on generating more input from women on key topics. If society is to evolve towards greater sustainability, greater equality, stronger growth and increased social progress, women must be able to take their rightful place.

 Empowering women is a pillar for a better world.

 PARABERE FORUM is a non-profit organization.